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Two types of private sessions are offered:

Synthetic ice surface training:

Provides players with the ability to work on all aspects of goaltending while simulating on-ice situations. Coach Vic implements a wide variety of training techniques and drills using a multitude of equipment such as Boni puck shooter, high screen, deflection, and mirror boards.

Strength and Conditioning:

Coach Vic will develop an individualized training program to fit the needs of the each goaltender based on skill level, age, strength and experience.

Some examples of off-ice training and equipment used include:

  • reaction time and reflex drills: reaction ball, tennis ball and puck juggling to enhance hand eye coordination
  • balance and coordination: use of BOSU ball, Swiss ball and balance discs
  • agility and quickness: ladders, hurdles, plyo box and foot work drills
  • power and strength: medicine ball, resistance harness and bands, free weights and weight machines

All exercises are goaltending specific while maintaining conditioning, balance, coordination and strength.

Cost $50.00 - $70.00 per hour

Video Analysis:

Coach Vic will video goaltenders in multiple situations such as league games, practice and during private lessons. An analysis will be made of the goaltenders strengths, weaknesses, positioning, rink awareness, angles and situational play. A consultation can then be scheduled for a personal evaluation.

Cost per analysis $60.00


Private lessons:

Private training is an important tool in advancing a player’s skill level and ability. A one on one strategy will be implemented based on a player’s ability, age, size and experience. Coach Vic will incorporate many on ice drills to enhance players performance through repetition and familiarity to reach their maximum potential.

Base cost $70.00 per hour


Coach Vic provides a few types of clinics; semi-private, open clinics and hockey schools. Through these clinics and schools, Coach Vic will assess and challenge each student in a controlled setting while implementing many drills to simulate on-ice situations. Vic’s shooting staff will provide a challenging and enjoyable environment to obtain maximum potential from each goalie.

Cost rates vary between clinics and schools

Organizational Clinic:

Coach Vic will work with your organizations goaltenders. Each practice will implement a progression of goaltender specific drills to enhance skills and techniques. Hourly rate may vary on rink location.

Base cost $100.00 per hour 1-4 goalies

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