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Published: April 7, 2013

TAMPA - Vic Marconi knew from the start that he was born to be a hockey goaltender.

Forget the goals, the assists, the hitting, Marconi said he knew as soon as he laced on the skates that he belonged between the pipes, with the game on the line, the one to take the glory with the wins and the vitriol with the losses.

Marconi runs Marconi Hockey at the Tampa Bay Skating Academy and specializes in goaltending. He has the credentials, growing up in Buffalo where hockey isnt just something to do when you arent at the beach. Hes coached and been certified by almost every major ice hockey organization in the Southeast. In other words, he knows his stuff.

I dont know how I got the passion or knowledge to be a goaltender or a goalie coach, Marconi said. I was born to do this. I lot of guys can play and a lot of guys can teach, but I am lucky enough to do both.

Most young hockey players want to score goals and, as they get older, get away from the criticism that goes to the goalie, the last guy or girl on defense. It takes a special person to want to be a goalie, Marconi said. Someone who is dedicated to the fine details, someone who understands how to square, how to figure out angles, someone with quick reflexes who can react in less than a split second to a deflection.

It isnt a position for everyone.

The goalie has to be the leader, Marconi said. He has to have a vision about the inside of the game. We drill on game situations because theres no way to just drill. Being a goalie is 90 percent mental and thats what I emphasize.

John Bierchen is a hockey coach at the State University of New York Canton in upstate New York. Hes 24 and grew up in Florida. Hes been working with Marconi since he decided to get into hockey.

I grew up playing baseball because I wanted to be a catcher, Bierchen said. My dad got me into hockey and I took skating lessons and realized that being a goalie is a lot like being a baseball catcher. I started taking lessons and I liked all the equipment and I started to stick with it.

Part of the attraction of being a hockey goalie is being on the ice all of the time. Most skaters spend 90 seconds or so flying up and down the ice and then get a few minutes of rest. The goalie is out there for 60 minutes unless it goes overtime.

Thats what I like about hockey, Bierchen said. Vic calls me all the time to find out how Im doing. Hes taught me a lot.

Marconi knows that Tampa isnt a hotbed for ice hockey, but hes doing what he can to promote the sport.

Ive had more than 600 kids work with me since we started, Marconi said. I want to be an ambassador to the game. I can teach hockey every day of the week.

The National Hockey League has never had a native Floridian, but Marconi said there are players who can make it. Scouts arent flocking to Florida yet, but its just a matter of time, Marconi said.

My goal is to have the first NHL goalie from Florida, Marconi said. We just have to get out from under the radar and showcase the game. Its just a matter of time.

For information on Marconi Hockey, call (727) 542-5299 or check

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"Our son Bobby has been training with Coach Vic since he was 7 years old. Over the past 5 years coach Vic has developed Bobby into a goaltender who is able to play at a high level of competition in youth hockey. Vic not only teaches the physical part of goaltending but develops the mental aspects as well. He is able to focus on each individuals needs and is able to build on their natural ability. Vic is constantly evolving in his teaching which enables his students to get to that next level of hockey".

    Bobby & Dale Dugan

Saturday, May 23, 2009
Dear Vic,
We would like to offer you our heartfelt thanks for the six years and counting of dedicated ice hockey goalie training you have provided to our son, Jordan Kruger. During the time spent with Jordan, you have taken a rather unseasoned 12-year-old net minder and formed him into one of the top 5 goalies at his level within the Tampa Bay community. Because of your training techniques which have led to his continuous improvements, we are constantly receiving compliments from parents and coaches associated with teams wherever Jordan competes.
Your approach to training goalies engages them in a non-ego challenging manner. This technique enables you to make considerable and timely progress while training the students in the areas of reflex, focal, mechanical, and technical aspects goaltending. When watching professional hockey, it is amazing to see the same state-of-the-art fundamentals used by the most successful NHL goalies as you teach to your students.
Each season has brought Jordan to a higher level of competitive hockey. As time goes on, Jordan thrills more of his coaches, teammates, and team parents. Because of your dedication to our son, Jordan has enjoyed self-esteem, self-determination and a sense of camaraderie within the hockey community.
There is no doubt that Jordan's accomplishment and self-respect could not have been gained without your active participation in his life.

    Jon & Mary Kruger

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